Adcentral TV's dynamic templates are a revolutionary way of having a fully customizable ad running on your TV.  You can adjust wording, pricing, and even the color of each template. This article will demonstrate setting up a template and adding it to a loop.

Navigate to, log in, and select or make sure you are on the AdCentral TV dashboard.


  1. Example of Static Templates click here
  2. Example of Dynamic Templates click here

1. Select "Templates" from the AdCentral TV dashboard.

2. You can choose "CREATE A NEW TEMPLATE" or "MY CREATED TEMPLATES". In this case we are creating a new one, please select "Create a new template" and then select continue.

3. Now you will need to select the screen orientation you need for your particular setup and select continue.

4. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the template dashboard.5.

5. Once you have browsed the templates and select the one you want to work with, select "CREATE NOW".

6. You can name your template if you'd like. In 2 & 3, you can see the fields that can be edited.

7. In the palette of colors you can change the color of the template as seen here. 

8. Once you are satisfied with all your changes, select "SAVE".

9. Now select the template you just edited and then assign it to the appropriate loop. 

10. Select "CONFIRM" to add to your particular loop.

11. Now select "Add to loop" and you will see it added to the loop list field.

12. Select "GOT IT!" or "UPGRADE" and you're all done!

NOTE: Free AdCentral will only allow you to display the material under the Free category. To use any other content, please upgrade your account.

Example of Static Templates

Note: You can pause the video to get a good look of templates of interest.

Example of Dynamic Templates

Note: In this Demonstration, the templates have been sped up 3x for your convenience. You can pause the video to get a good look at the templates of interest.

NOTE: In your adcentral account, you can choose if any of these templates need to be played for a longer period of time!