We will periodically have new releases of AdCentral Check-ins.  The new releases may be updates or upgrades. In this article, we will go over the necessary steps in updating Check-ins on a Mac.

1.  Once you open Check-ins and an update is available you will see the "Update Now" button, select to move forward.

2. In the new window select "Download for macOS".

3. While the update downloads make sure the current app running is stopped by selecting quit as shown.

4. From downloads select the last file downloaded.

5. Now select the adcentral file on the left and drag it over to the "Applications" folder.

6. Select Replace on the popup to initiate the installation.

Note: If you were to click on keep both, you might experience some issues with the app.

7. The updated version of AdCentral is now copying over.

8. You can now select the AdCentral app to launch the new updated version.

9. In this pop up please select "Open"

10. Your AdCentral app should be up and running and completely updated, Enjoy!