Utilizing AdCentrtal TV will increase sales and bring awareness to your brand and services with a high return on investment.  In the following article, we will go through the steps involved in connecting the ONN device to AdCentral, creating your first loop, and installing the app on the ONN device. 

Navigate to http://Joinadcentral.com, log in, and select or make sure you are on the AdCentral TV dashboard.

 1. Please create a loop before connecting your TV device with AdCentral!

2. To get started select "Create new loop".

3. You will see a new loop appear in the list.

4. You will need to select videos to display and to create your first loop. 

5. Now select "add to loop" and your selections will appear in the loop content field.

6. Select "Link a device" and the link your device pop up will show.

7. Transition to your ONN device and select Apps.

8. Now select "Get more apps".

9. Select the search icon from the top right.

10. In the search field, start typing AdCentral and the app will populate in the search results, then select the app. 

11. On the AdCentral app screen select "Install" to download the app and install.

12.  Once finished installing, select "Open" to continue.

13. This is your linking code for your particular display. Write down or take a picture of your provided code and return to the AdCentral Dashboard.

14. On the AdCentral TV dashboard add your copied link, select assign a loop to your particular device, and select "Link"

15. Now select "GOT IT" to enjoy a free subscription or "UPGRADE" to unleash the full power of AdCentral TV.   Now revert back to your ONN device.

16. On your ONN device you will now see this screen please select continue.

17. Next you will need to select the appropriate language simply scroll options and select.

18. Select your correct TV orientation, we have three options.

19. Select "PLAY NOW" to start playing your selected loop.

20. You will now see your Loop playing on your TV.