In this article we will go over how to setup an ONN Android TV out of the box, prepping to use it with Ad Central TV.

Unbox your ONN android TV, connect power, HDMI, and install batteries in the remote.

1. Once your unit powers up you will land on the remote setup page.  Press and hold the "home" and "back" buttons for 4 seconds until the LEDs blink and it will connect. 

2. Select your appropriate language.

3. On the next screen we will skip the phone android setup.

4. Select your correct Wi-Fi network.

5. Enter your Wi-Fi password.

6. Once connected to Wi-Fi it will download an update, install, and reboot.

7. You will need to sign into a Google account. 

8. Enter a Google email address so you can download the app from the play-store then select enter.

9. Enter your password for your google account and then select enter.

10. Select accept to move forward.

11. This is optional your preference in this case we choose "No Thanks".

12. In this instance of not using Google assistant select continue.

13. You can now de-select "install all of the following apps" if you'd like and then select continue.

14. You can now set up your TV to work with your remote.  Follow the onscreen guide to do so.

15. This concludes the initial out-of-the-box setup for the ONN android device.