With AdCentral Social Media you can turn on, add, and edit post preferences.   In the following article, we will go over how to turn on, add and edit bulk post preferences including hashtags and custom text in posts.  Once setup, AdCentral will through automation add your details to all of your posts.

Navigate to http://Joinadcentral.com, log in and select Social Media.

1. Select my main caption button.

2. To activate address in posts check the box next to "Add address in posts". If the address is not correct, please go to "Store Profile" to modify it.

3. To activate your phone number in posts check the box next to "Add store number in posts". If the phone number is not correct, please go to "Store Profile' to modify it.

4. To activate custom text in all posts check the box next to "Add Custom text in posts" and then add text up to 800 characters.

Note: Do not add a phone number to this field as it might cause google to reject the post.

Pro Tip: Add your website URL or a catchy line like "Come in today!"

5. Add your own hashtags in the "Hashtags" field separated by a comma or a press of the enter key.

Note: Once finished you are all done, the selections and additions are autosaved and they will be reflected on all your posts!