With AdCentral Social Media you can connect both Facebook and Instagram for automated posting and more. In the following article, we will go through the steps to connect Facebook and Instagram.

Navigate to http://Joinadcentral.com, log in and select Social Media.

1. Activate AdCentral Social Media by selecting.

2. Select "link account" for Meta which is where you will connect your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Note: To connect your Instagram, please make sure your Instagram account is a business account.

3. It will now prompt you to sign in to Facebook.

4. Select your Business Instagram account and then the next button. If you don't have an Instagram business account, you will be taken to step number 5.

Note: Your Company Facebook and Instagram must be linked on Meta and select matching ones in case you have multiple accounts.

5. Select your Facebook business page and then the next button.

Note: These selections are global permissions which means you will associate any and all accounts you want to link to adcentral. Choosing what pages to post will be on step 9.

6. Next is AdCentral permissions, review and select done.

Note: Turing off any permissions will cause AdCentral to not work properly.

7. Once link verification has occurred, please select OK.

8. To continue with your Facebook and Instagram only, please select next.

Note: You can always add or edit linking permissions in "Store Profile"

9. This is the section where you tell us what store corresponds to what account. Please select the correct page for your store in order for us to be able to post to your accounts.

10. Now select the Instagram Business for this store and click next.

11. Select what you want to promote in your store and select next.

Note: Please select at least 5 categories to continue.

12. Now select the desired language then click next. 

13. Setting up your posts, time, and days.

    1. Select the 3 days you want automated posts.

    2. Select the time to post on those days.

    3. Select your time zone.    

    4. Select next.

14. Review and acknowledge terms and conditions then select continue to Paypal.

15. Select your payment method and select Continue.

16. Select Let's Go and move forward.

17. The next current month is set and ready to go, select next.

Note: Follow the prompts to learn more about the platform or skip all if you'd like.

18. That is it! Welcome to your AdCentral Social Media dashboard.