AdCentral gives you the ability to use your existing or new Domain with AdCentral Sites.  In the following article, we will go through the steps if your domain is in GoDaddy to connect the domain with your AdCentral Site and make adjustments to the DNS Settings.

Navigate to, log in and select Sites.

1. Adding your Domain Name to AdCentral

    First, you will select "Click here to add your domain",  then add your domain to the field and select continue.

2. Locating Adcentral CNAME records

    Select continue and the CNAME values that you will be working with will be shown.

3. Locating the GoDaddy DNS records

    You will now need to go to and log in.  Once logged in select My Products from the top-right drop-down menu.  Scroll down to the Domain you are wanting to work with and select MANAGE DNS from the drop-down menu. 

4. Removing your A records

    You will need to delete all existing "A" Type Records. In this example, we only have one but you could have more just make sure they are all removed by using the delete button.

NOTE: If you have an A record that you believe you need, please contact support.


5. Adding the first set of CNAME values

     Within GoDaddy DNS records Select add record and choose the type "CNAME". Now copy the two top CNAME values and paste them into the correct fields.  Make sure you select YES on the "Let's Double Check" pop-up window and then select save.

6.1 Adding the second set of CNAME values (EDITING the WWW record)

     Within the GoDaddy DNS records You can edit a existing CNAME record with the name of "www".   Locate the record and click on edit, then you will collect the CNAME value from the AdCentral DNS records and copy and then pasting the value in the data field on the GoDaddy DNS records and save.

6.2 Adding the second set of CNAME values (ADDING a WWW record) 

     From the GoDaddy DNS records select add and select CNAME for the type in the first field. In the name field enter www and then go to the AdCentral records and copy the CNAME value and paste into the Value field in the GoDaddy DNS record and select save. 


7. Verify and check Status

    You can now verify the domain and check the status.

NOTE: It can take 30 minutes to 18 hours to propagate and verify your domain.

8. Check your new site

    Once verified you can see your site by clicking the open a window link.

NOTE: If you should not see your site, please try in an incognito or private window since your previous site could be cached.


Q. What if my site does not verify after 18 hours?

A. Reach out to chat support for further assistance.

Q. What if I only have one CNAME record on AdCentral after a prior attempt?

A. Skip Step 5 and implement step 6.1 or 6.2 for the single CNAME record. 

Q. Will this affect my domain email?

A. Forwarding your domain should not affect your email services.