How much does AdCentral Check-ins cost?

The AdCentral One plan is starting at $39 per month. This includes TV, Social Media, Sites, and Check-Ins. From there, the price goes up based on your chosen billing period. If you wish to pay for an enterprise plan, you can contact our sales team to get a custom quote. 

I’m new to AdCentral. How can I start using AdCentral Check Ins?

Starting AdCentral Check-ins is easy! All you have to do is download the desktop app onto your laptop or computer and create an account with your email address. You can download the app here

I’m an AdCentral user already, but with a different feature! Can I log in with my current account? 

We are currently in a merging state; meanwhile, we are asking our current users to create a Check-ins account with a different email address than the one they use on their AdCentral account. However, it is very important that your personal mobile number is the same in both accounts. Feel free to ask any questions you might have to our support team. Thank you!

If this is a desktop app, is it the same as AdCentral web?

Our desktop app holds AdCentral Check-ins. More features will be brought to you through the app pretty soon! Stay tuned for more news!

Is there a web browser version of AdCentral Check Ins?

AdCentral Check-ins is only available in our desktop app!